We are The District

The District is DC's contemporary all-female vocal group. Formed in late 2012, The District embodies a full, polished, and well-rounded sound through a repertoire of Pop/Rock, Country, Folk, R&B, and everything in between. The District strives to project confidence, strength, and female empowerment through the vast capacity of the human voice. From complex arrangements and tight harmonies, to stand-out soloists and vocal percussionists, The District is a vocal group that rises above the rest.  

Nicole Gilmore . Charnice Frazier. Michelle Gahagan. Melissa Canu
Laura Fender. Campbell Keyser. Caroline DiStefano. Dani Dredger.
Beatrice Becette. Charlotte Cummins. Elizabeth Bundy.
Natalie Walden. Hannah Donnelly.
Mallory McKenzie. Haley Hataway